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It’s highly unlikely you’ve noticed it, but as of 4/20/20 my Wisdom Chronicles stories don’t show up on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes or Lulu.com (paperbacks), plus they are now are listed as “OUT OF PRINT” on the publisher’s website and will shortly drop off the Barnes & Noble site. The reason? My original publisher, Double Dragon Publishing of Canada, while still servicing their existing properties, has ceased accepting new manuscripts and is not actively promoting their existing titles.

Because I have a seventh story (Origin of Wisdom ~ a Prequel) being close to ready for publication, I searched for and found a new publisher who agreed to accept the entire Wisdom Chronicles series on the condition they be allowed to reintroduce them all under their label. Double Dragon graciously allowed me to leave them and wished me luck with the new publisher. As a necessary part of that agreement, my stories understandably had to be taken down off their authorized outlets listed above.

That’s the downside. The upside is that I’ll happily let the world know as they again become available for purchase!



I’ve finally completed the first draft and very honestly (not to mention incredibly modestly), I’m most pleased with the result.

This one is only Novella length (24,860 words), but the nature of this story doesn’t really lend itself to all the extended blood and gore of the first six novels in the series.

Begins now the proofreading and editing chore, and then onward to the search for a publisher. 

* Latin, meaning “ever upward” or “still higher.”


Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Kingdom Of Wisdom is book four in the Wisdom Chronicles by Walter C. Conner, a magical tale involving a portal that unites two worlds, two sisters with an infinite affinity for each other — sisters born of magic — and a powerful threat that could defy the very rules and power of magic. Beautifully written and captivating, this is a book that will take the breath away from fans of fantasy. Although I never read the previous books in the series, the work is masterfully done so that the reader has no questions to ask, no overdone back story to distract them, and nothing to slow the read.

The prologue introduces readers to the characters and the issues at stake: “Two years had passed since Wil created the portal between the worlds; two years since the life-spark sisters Aimee and Desirée first met and reached out to each other following Wil’s confrontation with Styxis in her throne room. With the melding of the sisters’ spirits at the moment their life sparks were joined in a flash of magical energy, the demoness had been diminished.”

The powerful imagery, the descriptions that allow the reader to see, with their mind’s eye, the unfolding scenes, add to the beauty of the prose. Here is a beautiful example: “Alexander and Gina stood just inside the doors of the sultan’s throne room, watching as Krondos walked respectfully down the long marble paved hall toward his father and the members of his council flanking him.”

Apart from the masterful storytelling, this book is packed with intense action, animated by a powerful conflict that drives the plot consistently forward. The great prose, the strong storyline, and the excellent characters are achievements that can’t go unnoticed by readers. Kingdom Of Wisdom is a book written with a powerful spell and now I have to go back and get seduced by earlier entries in the series.

5star-shiny-hrReviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

Many years have passed since the great battle during which Wil has remained in the Old Forest with his daughter Aimee as a companion. In Children of Wisdom, Book 3 of the Wisdom Chronicles by Walter C. Conner, it is time for Aimee to see what the rest of the world has to offer in order to best decide where and how to live her life. What starts out as no more than a pleasure trip, though, quickly turns into a quest because the forces of Styxis are stirring up trouble once again. The three Children of Caron, who are each unaware of the others, are on a collision course and it is once again up to the Wizard, Wil, and Caron, the elf-witch, to subdue the evil. Opening a portal to the underworld, Wil brings the conflict with Styxis to a new confrontation. The hope is that the combination of worldly leaders, their children, and friends can contain the evil before it seeps back into the realm of the living and destroys any hope for the future. How will everyone react when identities are revealed and secrets are uncovered?

Great characters and a wonderful look at the traits that coexist in each of us. Tremendous depth of experience and psychological insight are evident as Walter C. Conner completes his tale of the Wisdom Chronicles. Children of Wisdom takes you to the next generation who will be responsible for restoring and maintaining balance between the mortal realm and the underworld. Fast-paced action, strong characters, and plenty of intrigue keep the pages turning. Some slightly erotic content may make this unsuitable for younger readers, but the story fills out the intensity of emotion that drives some of the characters, making them completely real. The best part is that there is more to follow!

Reviewer’s Note: “I wish I had read the previous volumes, but was able to get into the story pretty well, nevertheless.”

5star-shiny-hrReviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite
It would be an understatement to say that I’m more than thrilled with Ruffina Oserio’s recent review of “Princess of Wisdom” for Readers’ Favorite. (Click on the link above for the full review.)
“…an electrifying epic fantasy…magic on a grand scale and a love story that is equally enthralling…the writing is impeccable, laced with powerful and vivid descriptions. The characters are very compelling in an intoxicating kind of way, well rounded and solid. [His] use of stream of consciousness technique helps to beef up the plot and deepen the conflict. It also offers a psychological depth to the story.
“I enjoyed every bit of this book, including characters like Wil, trapped in a difficult dilemma, the courageous princess, and the cunning wizard. Even minor characters are well sculpted. A really epic work of fantasy.”
5star-shiny-hrReviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

There couldn’t be a better opening for the Wisdom Chronicles series than Wizard of Wisdom by Walter C. Conner, a work of brilliance and high class entertainment, a powerful promise for a very enjoyable read. From the impressive cast of characters to the dazzling plot and the charm of the writing, Walter C. Conner establishes himself as a master storyteller. A magical, enchanting, and heart stopping tale of the struggle between good and evil, of magic, and what happens when one man gets greedy and wants to use it for personal ends.

Set against the backdrop of an idyllic place called Wisdom, a place nestled at the edge of the old Forest, and a place once occupied by the elves, this magical tale offers readers one of the age-old conflicts: the struggle between good and evil. On the one hand, there is the greedy and self-appointed wizard, Greyleige, who wants all the magic of the elves in order to control the entire world. On the other hand is a team of simple-hearted people like the swineherd, Wil, Princess Caron (the unwavering warrior), and Scrubby.

The author immediately draws readers into the story with the powerful, descriptive opening lines. But it’s just the beginning and the author doesn’t give readers a moment’s respite from the powerful spell of his beautiful prose, embellished with flawless and plot-driven dialogue. Wizard of Wisdom might be the kind of tale written for young adults, but like the Harry Potter series, it will become the next phenomenon that will enthrall adult readers. There is a lot to keep readers entertained and rapt in the pages of the book. Walter C. Conner is a master entertainer with a unique voice, a unique gift for plot, and an imagination that will carry readers far, far away from their world and reality.

Damn you !!!  I have once again fallen in love with your books!  I was a little hesitant to begin “Heirs of Wisdom” because it had been a while since I had read a Wisdom book, and I didn’t think I would remember characters and relationships.  But, once again, you read my mind and put everything into perspective by the story told by Caron!  I love the new generation of characters, although I do miss my old feelings of “family” with the original ones.

I just started Gods of Wisdom and, so far, love Ryan and Ham…and am looking forward to a major battle.  Are there more stories in your mind…or are you tapped out???

(Answer: Origin of Wisdom ~ a Prequel is already in the works.)

Gods of Wisdom

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It’s here! Book Six of Wisdom Chronicles is now available in both Kindle and paperback on Amazon, as well as Nook and paperback at Barnes & Noble, and should be available on Kobo, iTunes, and other online retail outlets within the next week…
…or so.

And it’s now available on Kobo and iTunes, so you can now buy your very own copy on Nook, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, smart phone, laptop, PC, Mac, paperback, and/or ??? — whichever medium works best for you.

Check it out and buy it from your favorite vendor!

Follow the links from the Double Dragon web site to you favorite internet retailer.



Origin of Wisdom ~ a Prequel

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After about a one-month break from writing, I’ve started work on Book Seven of the Wisdom Chronicles series and am happy to share that I’m already over 3,000 words into it.
Even at this early stage I’m REALLY pleased with the way it’s shaping up!!! It’s doing what I originally hoped it would when I came up with the concept for the story…and more.
Pssst, here’s a cheapo teaser: Chapter One ends with a shocking revelation.

Paperbacks on Amazon

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I’m pleased to share Double Dragon Publishing’s recent announcement that Amazon will carry all future DDP releases in both Kindle and Paperback formats.
I’m even more pleased to announce that as a sort of preview of the change, Book Five of Wisdom Chronicles, Heirs of Wisdom, is now available in both formats on Amazon.
Make your choice and place your order here!