5*****Stars for “Wizard of Wisdom”

Posted: June 8, 2016 in Uncategorized
5star-shiny-hrReviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

There couldn’t be a better opening for the Wisdom Chronicles series than Wizard of Wisdom by Walter C. Conner, a work of brilliance and high class entertainment, a powerful promise for a very enjoyable read. From the impressive cast of characters to the dazzling plot and the charm of the writing, Walter C. Conner establishes himself as a master storyteller. A magical, enchanting, and heart stopping tale of the struggle between good and evil, of magic, and what happens when one man gets greedy and wants to use it for personal ends.

Set against the backdrop of an idyllic place called Wisdom, a place nestled at the edge of the old Forest, and a place once occupied by the elves, this magical tale offers readers one of the age-old conflicts: the struggle between good and evil. On the one hand, there is the greedy and self-appointed wizard, Greyleige, who wants all the magic of the elves in order to control the entire world. On the other hand is a team of simple-hearted people like the swineherd, Wil, Princess Caron (the unwavering warrior), and Scrubby.

The author immediately draws readers into the story with the powerful, descriptive opening lines. But it’s just the beginning and the author doesn’t give readers a moment’s respite from the powerful spell of his beautiful prose, embellished with flawless and plot-driven dialogue. Wizard of Wisdom might be the kind of tale written for young adults, but like the Harry Potter series, it will become the next phenomenon that will enthrall adult readers. There is a lot to keep readers entertained and rapt in the pages of the book. Walter C. Conner is a master entertainer with a unique voice, a unique gift for plot, and an imagination that will carry readers far, far away from their world and reality.

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