5*****Stars for “Kingdom of Wisdom”

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Uncategorized


Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Kingdom Of Wisdom is book four in the Wisdom Chronicles by Walter C. Conner, a magical tale involving a portal that unites two worlds, two sisters with an infinite affinity for each other — sisters born of magic — and a powerful threat that could defy the very rules and power of magic. Beautifully written and captivating, this is a book that will take the breath away from fans of fantasy. Although I never read the previous books in the series, the work is masterfully done so that the reader has no questions to ask, no overdone back story to distract them, and nothing to slow the read.

The prologue introduces readers to the characters and the issues at stake: “Two years had passed since Wil created the portal between the worlds; two years since the life-spark sisters Aimee and Desirée first met and reached out to each other following Wil’s confrontation with Styxis in her throne room. With the melding of the sisters’ spirits at the moment their life sparks were joined in a flash of magical energy, the demoness had been diminished.”

The powerful imagery, the descriptions that allow the reader to see, with their mind’s eye, the unfolding scenes, add to the beauty of the prose. Here is a beautiful example: “Alexander and Gina stood just inside the doors of the sultan’s throne room, watching as Krondos walked respectfully down the long marble paved hall toward his father and the members of his council flanking him.”

Apart from the masterful storytelling, this book is packed with intense action, animated by a powerful conflict that drives the plot consistently forward. The great prose, the strong storyline, and the excellent characters are achievements that can’t go unnoticed by readers. Kingdom Of Wisdom is a book written with a powerful spell and now I have to go back and get seduced by earlier entries in the series.

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