“Origin of Wisdom” Progress Report…sorta, kinda

Posted: June 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Started off like gang-busters on this final installment in the Wisdom Chronicles series and was rolling right along when I realized as I finished the 8th chapter that everything after the third chapter just wasn’t working for me. No problems with the writing itself, but the drama I had expected would be there just wasn’t.

So, I dragged chapters 5 through 8 into a “Miscellaneous Thoughts” file and started them again…and again…and again…and… Well, you get the idea. I’ve taken run after run at bursting through this damnable block, but not happy so far with what I’ve produced.

I’ve decided I’ll do what I did when I ran into a bit of a roadblock on Book Three, Children of Wisdom and leap forward to write the last couple of chapters because I know how I want the story to end. Perhaps, like “Children,” it’ll help clear the writer’s block that’s been bedeviling me. Sure can’t hurt.

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