About Me

Walt Oct 2011I am a native Californian currently living in Southern California with my wife of more than 50 years. I retired in 2008 from a 39 year career in the printing industry which included production, sales and management. During that time I wrote magazine articles and advertising copy but had never attempted a novel length work.

I began writing my first novel, Wizard of Wisdom , at the age of sixty-three. I wrote Books Two and Three — Princess of Wisdom and Children of Wisdom — while searching for an agent and/or publisher for Book One. Double Dragon e-books accepted the entire series for publication in late 2010.

Book Four, Kingdom of Wisdom was released March 26, 2013, while Book Five, Heirs Of Wisdom (originally titled Loss of Wisdom until the characters hijacked the story and forced the change) debuted in January, 2015, and Book Six, Gods of Wisdom, was released in February, 2016.

As of this writing, I intend that Book Seven, Origin of Wisdom—A Prequel , will complete the series.


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