About the Other Me

Antoinette CoverYes, the other me is my nom de plume, Walter Cie, under which I wrote an erotic paranormal romance (a.k.a. smutty) novel which was published by Double Dragon Publishing under their Carnal Desires Publishing imprint in May, 2008.
(The imprint name alone should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that their titles are not aimed at the youth market.)

Published under a pseudonym to protect my Victorian sensibilities of modesty and decorum, I purposely took on the project to push the envelope of my writing comfort zone. Though extremely difficult/painful at first, I became more comfortable with it as I wrote and ultimately found the experience both enjoyable and (frankly) arousing.

And here’s the basics:

Dave Morgan’s marriage was kaput, his emotions were in shambles, and he was seriously looking at suicide as the most attractive way out of his pain when the company’s newest engineer was introduced to him. Toni Steele was pretty, intelligent and magnetically sensual. Her dark, mysterious eyes drew him immediately from his pain and immersed him in a whirlpool of sexual ecstasy — one that he never had but always wanted with his ex wife.

In the process of exploring each other’s sexuality, they fell desperately in love with one another. However, Toni harbored a terrible secret — a secret that promised to separate them forever.

With an emphasis on love and loyalty, a dollop of Psychology 101, and a giant nod to the presence of something beyond our ability to comprehend, it is a relentlessly, graphically and lovingly erotic contemporary paranormal romance that explores the misconceptions about the relationships between the sexes and our own sexuality with which too many of us grow up.

Reviews and Honors:   PRG Reviewer's Choice nominee flat

Rated 4.5****’ Stars and nominated for Best Contemporary Romance Novel in 2013 by the Paranormal Romance Guild. The reviewer, Lisa Lambson, wrote in summation: “Walter Cie has created a fun, sexy little story here that has some incredible sex scenes to enjoy. Luckily, it isn’t just the sex scenes that make the story like many erotic stories can be. The storyline keeps you drawn in and it is nice to see a unique perspective with a paranormal twist.”

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