sf book logo Allen Stroud of SFBooks.com (UK) has written a thorough, honest and overall positive review of Wizard Of Wisdom.
While I’m pleased with the entire review, his closing paragraph is especially satisfying to me:
Wizard Of Wisdom is a good diverting young adult fantasy ramble. There is a charm to the book that promises much for the rest of the series and it is clear much thought has gone into all aspects of the world Conner is trying to convey. This is a set of books you can invest in, amass and binge out on, should you need to escape and in that it ticks a lot of boxes. A potential summer holiday read for young adults.
There are now five YouTube promo videos for the Wisdom Chronicles series. The most recent one, Heirs of Wisdomwas added on April 2, 2015. I’m well aware it’s not a great work of art and it’s certainly not ready for prime-time, but it says what I wanted it to, and it was great fun to create.
I cordially invite you to click on the Wisdom Chronicles on YouTube link that drops down under the Wisdom Chronicles tab above and take a peek at all of them.
P.S. Make sure your speakers/earphones are on because the music is integral to the mood and message!

HeirsofWisdom-510I’ve received the first feedback on my novel released January 16th from Gayle in Brookings, Oregon:

This is definitely your best and I loved the others!  You drew me so effortlessly back into the story, which flows seamlessly.  I want to stay with your characters Forever!  I’m only on Chapter 12, but I don’t want the story to end, EVER!


To say that I’m pleased would be an understatement of galactic proportions. I welcome other comments, both good and kinda less good.

I’ll start by saying that I’m actually uncomfortable having to blow my own horn about my stories, but, with the changes in the publishing industry, the time and cost of marketing our books has fallen more and more heavily on the authors and is especially difficult for those of us who don’t have heavy duty connections in the radio and TV talk show biz. Thus, in addition to my Wisdom Chronicles Facebook page, I’ve put together this website and begun a low-level ad campaign on Goodreads using those annoying little ads peppering the various pages. I’ll be interested in seeing if there’s a noticeable increase in sales from them. By the way, if you’re a Goodreads member, I invite you to drop in on my profile page, and to rate and comment on any or all of my stories that you’ve read. Even if your reaction to my stuff is less than wildly enthusiastic, I solicit and appreciate whatever input you’re willing to give. AND if you’re willing, send me a Goodreads friend request. Being the outgoing type that I am, I’ll happily and willingly accept it…if I deem you worthwhile. (Just kidding.)