Wisdom Chronicles

Wizard of Wisdom, the first book in the series, was intended to be a one-off novel. When I started writing it I had absolutely no idea I would end up expanding it to a second book, much less to the six already published or the seven I intend will comprise the complete series.

For those not in the know, there are six Wisdom Chronicles books published to date.
With links to their Double Dragon Publishing pages, they are:
     ♦ Wizard of Wisdom (June, 2011)
     ♦ Princess of Wisdom (March, 2012)
     ♦ Children of Wisdom (June, 2012)
     ♦ Kingdom of Wisdom (March, 2013)
     ♦ Heirs of Wisdom (January, 2015)
     ♦ Gods of Wisdom (February, 2016)

Book Seven, Origin of Wisdom ~ a Prequel, the last planned book in the series, is already under construction.

As suggested by the name of the series, these stories chronicle the ongoing history of what is the Principality of Gleneagle at the time we enter the flow, and eventually becomes the Kingdom of Wisdom in Book Four. In short, although they are each complete stand-alone stories, because of the addition of players and building characterizations within the ongoing flow of the chronicles, they must be read in numerical order for each subsequent book to make complete sense, and that applies most particularly to Book Seven (once it arrives), even though its title names it as “a Prequel.”

It is my hope that the reader will find as much pleasure in these stories as I have had writing them.

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