Wisdom Chronicles Character Studies

Though not necessarily identical to their descriptions in the books, the following faces represent the look and feel of the characters as I envisioned them when writing these stories. Some, perhaps even many, of the faces may be familiar to you.
In the “I Have a Dream” category: If these books were ever to be made into movies (*snort* as if!), I would prefer that the casting agents find talented unknowns who have the “look” of these people with the physical characteristics of the characters as described in the stories.

Introduced in Wizard of Wisdom:

Our reluctant hero

He was taller than average and well knit, though not rugged in any way.  Still, as Tingle now looked at his angular face with its mildly aquiline nose and piercing eyes of steel gray, he couldn’t help but feel the presence of something within the man that defied definition.”


And his first true friend

Stringy brown hair framed a plain, square face marred by scars left either by acne or a distant bout with the pox.  Small but shiny brown eyes under heavy brows regarded Wil openly.  Slightly shorter than average, the man was dressed in baggy breeches, an ill fitting shirt of coarsely woven cloth, and a home-made leather jerkin.  The clothes were old and had been crudely mended many times, marking him as a person of very limited means.”


The feisty princess
Caron Gleneagle

All this girl needs is a little make-up to give her a more pale complexion and rosy cheeks to become Princess Caron whose “…long dark hair was bound up in a golden net which hung against the nape of her slender neck, while her flawless pale skin, highlighted by a blush of pink at her prominent cheekbones, was all the more striking by its contrast with her hair.  She turned toward her father and he looked into the almost unnatural dark eyes and pointed eyebrows that had captured his heart when he first saw her as an infant in her cradle.”

The itinerant tinker

…a tall, lean, dapper man with a ready smile,” he is a charming rogue who peddles and wenches his way around the Principality of Gleneagle.


Tingle’s spunky love interest

…an olive skinned young woman with high cheekbones, a full and sensuous mouth, raven colored hair, and dark eyes with pointed eyebrows suggesting an adventurous nature.  The firm cleavage at her daring bodice announced the promise of a full yet athletic body and completed the picture of a stunningly beautiful, desirable woman – the type men would both dream of and fight over.


The Warrior

His long dark hair was peppered with gray now, but this hinted at the number of years he had spent perfecting his trade of dealing sudden and violent death to those who had earned it.

The rebel blacksmith

His straw colored hair looked like a poorly laid haystack. His eyes were of a hue that made them appear to change color.  They could appear blue or gray depending on the shade of the sky, or appear green when surrounded by a meadow in spring, or amber like sun-dried grass in the summer.  His skin was clear and fair, and in the daylight it was apparent that the pale mustache over a full mouth and strong chin was being cultivated, though with a notable lack of success at that point, for his size belied his youth.


The accidental companion


The smallest of the three was a wholesomely pretty young woman who had large green eyes, red hair, and a small upturned nose showing a sprinkling of freckles through a slight tan and the accumulated dirt of the road.


 Scrubby’s beloved wife

…her amber colored eyes were filled with warmth, her face cute rather than beautiful, and Scrubby remembered why he had named her the prettiest girl he had ever met.


Our villain

A man not quite of average height, he had sandy colored hair worn long and loose, and a pathetically wispy beard the same color of his hair.  In shape and appearance, his face called to mind that of a ferret.   Like a ferret, his intense, dark eyes constantly darted about to fasten on whatever was moving at the moment.  The white of his robe announced that this was the leader of the Wizards’ Guild.


Greyleige’s puppet
The 17th Duke of Confirth

He drew himself up to his full height, a most imposing and impressive sight even when not angry, but a truly intimidating one when his anger was provoked.


Berlayne’s younger brother
The 18th Duke of Confirth


Caron’s father
Prince Gleneagle

“…taller than most men, with a full head of prematurely snow-white hair.  A well built man in the prime of his life with piercing blue eyes in an angular face and the same light complexion and dark eyebrows of his daughter, he looked every bit the royalty that he was.


Caron’s lifelong maid and loyal bodyguard
Mertine & Mitchal
Mertine        and        Mitchal


Introduced in Princess of Wisdom:

The prodigy wizard


Allen’s love interest
Caron’s young maid


The demoness


Introduced in Children of Wisdom:

The son of Princess Caron and Duke Roland


The sons of Kemp and Peg
Alexander’s twin companions

The TwinsMitchal and Harold


The daughters of Wil and Caron
The Life Spark Sisters

Aimee n Desiree
Aimee         and         Desirée

Scrubby and Matty’s son
Little Wil-2Little Wil


Daughter of Lord Giascolo
Alexander’s future wife

(This page is a work in process. Check back from time to time for there is more to come!)

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